Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Week Left

Notes from the editor: This email is from Elder Carter's P-Day on May 24...sorry again for the delay. It's gotten so easy to wait until the next Sunday to send this stuff. Anyway, we got a call this week on Thursday, May 27, from the Medical Clinic at the MTC that he needs to see a podiatrist to get a wart removed from his foot. (I'm sure you can all imagine, knowing our Elder Carter, how relieved we were that he didn't have a broken leg or something.) And Momma Carter got to hear Elder Carter's voice! It was GREAT! Anyway, apparently they take these warts on their feet pretty seriously, because when we asked the nurse if this was going to affect Elder Carter's departure to Taiwan this week, she jumped into high gear(apparently she didn't yet know how soon he was due to leave) and said she would get him in with a podiatrist the next day. Depending on how deep it is, there can be follow ups needed, so in short, we are waiting to get Elder Carter's email today to find out if this has had any affect on his departure plans.

Also, some of you have been asking how to go about sending letters and packages to Elder Carter in Taiwan. We have been told by the Taichung Mission Office to ONLY SEND PACKAGES THROUGH USMAIL, not UPS or any of the others. The least expensive way BY FAR will be to ship with the preprinted Priority Mail packaging. The small box is $13, the medium is $27 and the large is $56. Regular letters are way less expensive. As far as I can tell, you can still use except now you will have to pay postage and it will be I think $.92 for a letter. You can also send the letters straight through the post office and I'm pretty sure it is the same postage. We'll send the mission home address again in the email later today. Pray for Elder Carter to be on that plane! Or those planes, I guess. :-)

Best wishes to all and on to Elder Carter...
Heya!!! !!!
Wow, it's already five o' clock. Crazy! And only one more week left in the MTC! Finally!! Lol, I love it here, and I will miss it, but I am getting super trunkie for the field. In fact, Pres Baker told us over the pulpit on Sunday about how to handle trunkiness, because he got a sense of it through our letters every week.
(We’ve been having lots of ward changes in callings, in just about every organization)Good to know about all the changes! It's fantastic to see the ward continue to change. I miss everyone! I try every week to maybe pull a letter out and send it to someone in the ward, but I find the importance of letters is becoming all family, and almost no one else. It takes forever to get stuff done on P-day!!!
Info: So, i have a new companion this week. Elder Gibson. Sure to be some pictures coming in soon with him, so keep an eye out. He's short, fiery, and super weird. But I love him. His companion Elder Herlin left for England this morning and since I am in a trio at his same level, I get to be his companion for my last week. I already miss Elders Nelson and Wheeler, but it's still unsure if I am teaching with them or not on Saturday. Lol
Hope you got my flight plans when I sent them. If not....
June 1: Delta Airlines Flight 2441. I leave the MTC at 8 AM for the Airport. The flight leaves at 11:15 headed for LAX. I get into LAX at 12:15 Pacific Time, and leave for Taiwan at 5:10 PM Pacific. I arrive in Taiwan, Taibei at 10PM on June 2, and a three hour drive south to Taizhong. I spend 2 or 3 days at the mission home for orientation, then I head out. The flight to Taiwan is on EVA Airways flight # 11.
I do have a huge layover at LAX, but I don't think it's a good idea to see family, just to make sure that I get on the flight. It's a little more important to get on that flight, since I will see my family again, and it's a lot harder to see the people in Taiwan again :D.
I can't wait to leave!!! I love you all. Don't worry about me, all is well, and it just keeps getting better. I'm finally learning how to handle myself in this environment, and then I'm thrown into another one (completely different). ;) I can send this box home, but it is heavy, and I will try for that box to be the only one. I'll keep an eye out for your mail, since I got about two sentences from Mom this last time... ;P I'll be sending another letter soon.
I sang in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. A song called "Olive Tree". I loved it! I sang bass and had a solo, and it was great! I am using my talents :D I just wish I could use a Trombone instead... :P
I've sent letters to Nana, and Tersta. I will hopefully get one to Grandpa Carter and Lee, and the Guads today or this week. It might have to be next week. Just remember to transfer my contact info over to Taiwan address (mission home) with instructions for the best and cheapest ways to get me mail or packages.
(Elder Carter challenged his family to bear our testimonies more often to each other and others and “let the world see what a strong family looks like.”)This challenge goes for everyone who reads this. Testify of what you know. You are being selfish if you don't share your knowledge with people who don't have it. They should in return share their own knowledge, because a true testimony digs at others Spirits and makes them want to speak words of truth.
Anyone who wants to, if you have a doctrinal question or any kind of gospel related worry or inquiry, please ask me! With all of my increased resources out here, I have a lot I can get to help answer questions (including directly asking apostles, themselves, for answers).
I love all of you!! I'll know better what times I can call at the airports as the week goes on, I think, so I'll keep you updated. Next Monday is my last P-day :D.
Remember, that when there are lows, you know the highs are coming fast. Love ya
-Elder Carter

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