Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Notes from the MTC

From the Editor: Elder Carter left as planned on Tuesday, June 1 from the MTC. We got an email late the next day saying they arrived in the airport okay. This email is long this week, but so full of neat stuff I couldn't figure out anything to I hope you all enjoy.
On to Elder Carter

So- Everything is going as planned- so far. It seems things are fitting in my bags and the weight is pretty alright. Got a couple things to flip around, but all should be well. I tried getting all the stuff I'm sending home in one box, but that didn't work. It's two. Sorry.
Wo ai ni- means I love you--- wo ai nimen- means I love you ALL. :D No, it doesn't mean turnips. Lol. Love you Mom. (I tried my hand at a little bit of Chinese and I was sure I was saying I love turnips) A little nervous for the calling situation, considering I've never called from a payphone before. But God will help me. Somehow....
YES! Keep going to the temple! Especially since today was Memorial Day and I didn't get to go, you gotta go once more for me! For all else, try to get to the temple every other week! It's my challenge! I know it may be hard for some, because of distance, but at least try, k? Make it once a month according to the 4x4 plan, right? Keep it up! Thanks Mom, Dad, for trying. I wish I could go to Oquirrh and Draper! We'll have to go the day I get back, k? Sounds great!
No worries Shelbs, I still love you. Sorry I haven't been able to get a letter to you anytime lately... But I'll write you my first P-day in Taiwan, k? Love ya!
Tell Sister Byers I will write her soon, and that I'm super grateful for her kind words :D I like the Momma Carter name... it fits :P
Elder Gibson(new companion for the last week) is also in the other district. So I switched environments completely this week. That means I went from inexperienced Chinese learners(Elder Carter's previous district) to advanced-already had 3 years- learners(in the other district). Yikes. But I kept up and my Chinese is increasing daily, when I SYL(Speak Your Language). Elder Gibson is a wild, short, fiery, weird Elder. lol, but he is a joy to be around. Always brightens my day and makes me laugh. He is from Mesa, Arizona, and is very active, very spiritual, and reminds me of Peter from the New Testament. Remember how Joseph Smith described him? The short one, with fire in his eyes? That's Elder Gibson- but maybe a little more hyper, who knows. :P I love it, though. We get along great. It was hard to transition however. From district to district. But it's good to prepare me for the transition to Taiwan. I guess transfers are kinda hard sometimes... I miss my old district. But I've been 100% welcomed into the new one. Elder Gibson goes to Vancouver Canada, Mandarin and is sick of waiting. He leaves in a week. He teams up with Elders Near and Faulkner from my old district for the next week. Elders Near and Faulkner leave in a week for New York, as well.
Just so you know, I really want to start back up in some kind of soccer when I get back. I love that sport. Why did I ever quit? It is so fun! I get a little too competitive though (pride) still, and I gotta get over that soon... stinkin' Spanish Elders.... :) Love 'em.
(Last week, when I heard Elder Carter's voice, I wasn't sure what he had said)On the phone at the MTC clinic the other day. I just said "Hey Mom" lol, I was laughing, so it was prob hard to hear. Yes, I got a wave of homesickness for about two seconds, but I'm happy to report that I was back to work in the next 5 minutes. :D So no worries.
I have no fears coming to leave the MTC tomorrow. I am a bit nervous, but am ready to do some work. Elder Gibson and I, while at the Podiatrist's office, walked outside and contacted everyone we saw in the parking lot. A couple old people, the lady had broken her hip and it felt SO good to help her from her car to the sidewalk. And to help the man find the sidewalk... ;) Elder Gibson held the door, and asked them if they were members. We're in the middle of Provo, so of course they were. :P But it still felt good to talk to real people outside of Mormon boot camp.
The next man we contacted was an oldy who had been to "Formosa"(Taiwan used to be called Formosa) on his mission. some 44 years ago. He was working construction "too long" he said, and it was really a joy to talk to him. It was so cool! When we came up to him, he didn't look very happy or excited to be awake that day. But we shook his hand and talked until our shuttle came. By the time we left, he was smiling, laughing, and a light I hadn't caught before shone from his eyes. It was a marvel to see. Elder Gibson and I were unfailingly happy the rest of the day, because we knew that we had helped the Spirit make someone's day a tad brighter. That's our job. Tell people who they are, remind them of Christ and bring them closer to Him. I think we did that. It felt good. Especially since we were outside of the MTC for the first time in 2 and a half months. Hoo-rah!
Mine and Elder Gibson's TA last week went allright. I didn't speak much and got chastised for it, but I did good when I did speak. It's fantastic to see progress and know, right before I leave, EXACTLY what I need to work on. I like knowing that when I enter the field, so I can focus on those things and immediately get where I need to be, or at least closer to it, the week I get in the field. I don't have specific goals yet, but one. I want to see an entire family from baptism through the temple while on my mission. Which means I need to baptize a family in the first 9 months in the field. Yahoo! Can't wait! This work is golden! I've never been so excited to do anything like this before! I love it! Why do we have to come home at the end? Meh. I don't want to.
I love you all! Wo ai nimen!!! Keep it real! Keep it strong! Keep the faith! (I'm talking to everyone, not just members)
May God be with you, and May the Lord bless you, I pray for you every night and morning and meal.
I'll be on the other side of the planet in a couple days, and I can't wait to be there. I've been prepared for it for thousands of years, I have no doubt.
The Church is true. Joseph Smith is a good friend, a strong man, and mighty prophet, don't let anyone tell you different. Stand firm in your testimonies, and let the world hear them. Zai Jian! Jia you!

-Elder Carter
-Kong Zhanglao

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Linda said...

Wo ai ni to Elder Carter! I love reading your posts. GREAT letter! HEY MOM! That was hilarious. We are so excited for Elder Carter to be in his NEW homeland! WooHoo!