Monday, June 21, 2010

Water and Honey

Here I am again. Writing. Writing, writing, writing. As quick as I can, 'cause a computer can't comprehend just how much there is to write. WOW. That's all I can say.
Sending letters from Taiwan should arrive in America around a week to 10 days from when I send it. Also Sending stuff from America to Taiwan apparently takes 2 weeks or more. Oh well. Just do what you can to keep writing letters, and if you want to send anything in a package, make sure you do it through US Mail. Not UPS or anyone, 'cause they won't forward it. If it's cheaper to do it through Fedex or UPS, only do that if I am in an area close to the mission home. 'Cause the package is stuck there until the assistants or office elders can bring it out or until I can come get it. And don't send meat! Or I have to send it back, and it's expensive. Don't do it.
I am in Zhongming. "chungming" I guess you weirdo English people would say it, and specifically in an area called Xiqu, Nanqu, Wuri (xi= "shee", qu= "choo" kind of... wu = "woo", and ri= the rrr in "grrr") Three areas all in Taizhong south. (This is a suburb, if you can call it that, of Taichung. He is a couple miles from the mission home. Believe it or not, we got to see his area and we think even his apartment building on Google Maps Street View. SO COOL!) Our chapel is not the one by the Mission Home. It's in Nantou, "toe", and that is outside our area, but we have permission to go there, obviously. Three wards meet there. Our ward, one other ward, and the singles ward. Our's meets at 9 in the morning. And the members are amazing. Unbelievably helpful and very good missionaries. They come to our lessons with investigators all the time!!!
PROBLEM: NO SINGLE MEMBER IN THIS CHURCH IS DOING THEIR JOB. The prophets have spoken, that missionary work should one day be like this. We are at the church all the time, and members bring investigators to us. I'm serious. That's how it should be. We are not supposed to be finding. Weird, huh?
People, bring others to Christ. It's your job. Your duty. You can't just sit in the church as a member and only think about your own progresion. That's not the point. You do need to think about it, but there are 6.986 BILLION people who don't have this Gospel. Not to mention the billions in the Spirit World. God will finish his work, but He would like to do it with the help of members, with the help of His blessed children. So do it! Help Him out! Yes, He could do it by Himself if He wanted to. But He's not. Have you ever thought why?
Ok, enough of that. That just exhausted me. Siiiighh.......... Deep breath.... ok.
 Anywho. Yes, I love it here. It just gets better. I have felt like I want it to go faster, but then I know that I will be changing my mind about that pretty soon.
The RAIN! Oh my goodness. Nope. Doesn't stop. I was entreated to 4 or 5 days of sun, and got a sweet Missionary/Golfer tan, and then ever since the middle of last week, it's been raining. BUCKETS. No wonder the Earth flooded. I don't doubt for a second that flooding the Earth is possible after seeing what kind of water can come from the sky. Holy cow. It's all about WATER.
Imagine dipping yourself in a bucket of honey, coming out, trying to wipe it off with a small handkerchief or a hand towel. Ain't gonna work, now is it? Then, try having a fan blow (oh don't forget it’s HOT honey) on you for the whole day. Now you're dry. But you are covered in crustiness. Then you get rained on and it washes off. But now your clothes are soaked. Then get into the church and have the air conditioning dry you off. Now you're sort of clean. And it's nice and chilly. Then you leave the church at 8:30 and it's dark. Coming from Utah, you expect a little bit of a chill. Nope. A GINORMOUS fan with honey all up and in it is blowing 200 degree wind at you. Guess what? You're sticky again. And when you go to pick up your helmet and put it on, you get dumped on with a load of water that soaked into the pads while it was raining. Now you've got wet, sticky, hot honey running down your face and in your hair. Then you get back to the apartment and dry off. Still crustiness and sticky. And your shirt looks about the color of your skin, or some gross green moss you somehow washed it with since you left the apartment that morning. Then you go to bed. Because of the honey all over you, your are frozen into one position, and it cracks when you wake up. Then go running. Sweat all over and get your clothes sticky and the honey all runny again. Boo-yah. Oh, and it's hotter this morning than it was the afternoon before. Oh, and it's raining. And the garbage trucks are singing kindergarten tunes and Fur Elise (SO annoying), and then you have to go run up 12 flights of stairs. Then you can shower. Can't take a warm shower anymore. Has to be below freezing. So you wash yourself off, and then you walk out into the apartment and a huge bucket of hot gooey-- you guessed it-- honey-- gets dumped on you. Lets add that cockroaches are running around to get out of your way. Sounds great, yeah? Except the cockroaches are the size of your foot. (GROSS! editor commentary) Then go talk to people again on the street. I wonder what we look like. Drenched in honey, with a tie that used to have color-- I think-- and green collared shirts. Probably pretty funny. I hope they can read "JESUS CHRIST" under all that goo.
Anyway. There's my day for you right now. Plenty more to say, not enough time to say it. Keep writing. Keep pushing forward. Thanks for the stories and the info, Dad, super great!
 Cool scripture cases I can get for you guys if you like. Tell me if you'd like some Chinese scripture cases, and I'll get some. Make sure you tell me what size your scriptures are.
I love you all! I promise I'll write more about my investigators and things like that next time instead of being so preachy teachy. But still---- GET TO WORK!!! :D With all the love I can send :D
-Elder Carter
ps-I feel a lot better this week, than last. If you can't tell. Oh, and if you send something to me (This goes for everyone) please write my whole name, so they can know which Elder Carter (if there is another one) to send it to, k? Thanks!!! (Elder Kevin Carter I think'll be just fine) Love you!!! Pray and fast for my investigators! They need it!

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