Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ever come up from a really sunny, warm place that you've been used to for a while to freezing cold something equivalent to hell? Well, I live in it. And no one ever thought that you could have so much fun. Well, all you ATV riders... here's your ATV snow-style. And from personal experience anyone that comes up from a place like that sunny lovely area? Well, they might be nervous, they might hurt a little bit, and they might get a little cold... but so does everyone else. And no matter what, everyone seems to have fun. Love it. Snowmobileing especially. Boo-yah.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, I figured that it's about time I told everyone what "Kovidude" even means. I have been writing a series of books since I was in seventh grade. It has obviously been developing since then. The series is a prequel story to Star Wars in general. Basically it's about the very first Jedi. I base a lot of my characters off of real people. I put myself in as the main character, of course. His name is Kovi Arinaeus, and he is the first actual Jedi. So, ever since I came up with a name for this character, it's what I've used as my "net-name" since. Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 15, 2008

From President to Shoe Salesman

I guess we know what our Presidents do when they are done with their Presidency. It seems that this person didn't like the type of shoe Bush was trying to sell. "Size 10, everyone" he says, and man, does this Iraqi journalist get pissed. Maybe he was looking for European sizes. Looks like Bush's speech mate was condescending towards this man as he returned his Christmas present from Bush. Good face, dude.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hmmm.. why don't we put a Wal-mart in Iraq? This would be a great idea! Make the bad people work there and on Black Friday promise Americans sweet deals, and the workers will be all dead. All that military money can go elsewhere now! Man, why didn't we think of this before? It worked here in the U.S.! Who's to say it won't work there? No wonder Wal-mart won't build there. Eventually there would be no one left to run the store....

Christmas Buzzzzzzzzz

I found this by our Christmas tree. Apparently, Santa has a new messaging system. It seems that Santa is also low on money, so our trees have to be up to par to get anything from Santa this year. If not, no presents. Way to save, Santa! That American Economy seems to be affecting more than just the mainland... Wow. The penguins seem to be going above and beyond! There's no way Santa's going to miss them! What do they want? They must want more ice. Why don't we do stuff like this? Could I get a car if I built a tree of frozen gasoline? hmmm....


Monday, December 1, 2008

Global Tantrum

Hehe... that's a good one...

I don't know. I just think things go a little too far. Don't you? I had a Global Warming debate in my second period Government class today and we totally destroyed the competition! My team and I fought against Global Warming. I just thought that I would celebrate my overwhelming victory by showing some pictures of the overwhelming nature of people to exaggerate the truth... what do we call those people who speak one way and act another? Oh yeah. Hypocrites. Or maybe they are just slaves to the government and are being forced to say certain things but don't necessarily have to do what they preach because maybe what they are saying doesn't actually exist or isn't actually the truth and they are just saying these things because the government wants a certain outcome from the people they supposedly govern so they get what they want and end up contradicting those policies anyway, so... oh wait. Duh. Hehe... that's just politicians. What was I thinking?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Seriously though...

I am very thankful for what we have. I think we picked a good bird, don't you? What better than a bird that drowns itself staring up into the rain, a bird that freezes itself by hugging the ground when it snows, and a bird that makes itself 'enticing' for more than its species opposite gender... These birds seem to want to be found on our dinner tables every year. Thank you.

National Turkey Day!!

Hehe... yeah. Gotta love the former-coulda-been-vice-president, but sometimes you just have to wonder... how did she get that far? I think we all appreciate those people who are thankful for what we have on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and we should be grateful that the pardoned turkey is too filthy or "fowl" for our former-coulda-been-vice-president to touch. Plus, did she really mean to have an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered? What are we supposed to be thankful for again? Well folks, I guess the world only cares about the food. No wonder everybody plays Christmas music 10 months before Christmas. We're all too greedy to care about Thanksgiving, but then we stop and ask ourselves... What about the food? Thank you Gov. Palin, for reminding us why we celebrate Thanksgiving. It's all about the fowl! Just like football...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just a preview of what this blog will be like. This being the start up. Get ready for a roarin', screamin' Lamborghini-like (or rather any sports car with loud noises that breaks the dams on testosterone) fun!!!


Hehe... Welcome to Blogspot, eh? Finally, I decide to put myself out on a limb and try to upkeep a blog for the next 50 some-odd years... Isn't that what all you old fogeys do? Don't you just love my senior pictures? There's more, but I thought this one would fit in nicely with what everyone else sees when they think of me. Weird, goofy, funny... yep, that's me!!