Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deep Fun

Sorry, these are the best pictures I have. Couldn't really get any better. I cut myself sharpening a knife. Just thought everybody should see the awesome scar. But don't make fun of me. That's all I have to say.

Friday, January 30, 2009

More love

Here were the first three. I'm still trying to figure out how to use this site... :) My snowman had a good life. He smiled and waved for the Guads, then tried his hardest to live out a good life. He even tried losing weight. He tried to start on his behind, but the sun got his entire back. Uh-oh. I tried to resurrect him, as you can see in the above post... Say goodbye to our best friend. Goodbye!!!

Snowman Love

Here's the first five phases of my snowman's life from Christmas day to today. :(

Movie Review

Want some sweet, down-to-earth, fatherly action? Well, THIS is the movie for you!! (Don't trust Rotten Tomatoes' rating, it's better than that) I loved this movie. No need of a few words. One says it all. Awesome. My Dad and I were talking about it and quoting it all the way home!
-Everybody's action hero dream
-Beautiful script
-No hesitation
-A little over the top
-PG-13 (you don't find many of those good movies at PG-13)
-A couple very very very small problems
-Perfect quote movie
-Ranks up with the Bourne movies
-High body-count
-SEE IT!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie Review

-A little rough

Good movie, just not exactly what I had in mind. Apparently they are good books. This movie did motivate me to read them, so all around it was pretty good.

Pendragon Continues...

Hmmm... Pendragon. Written by one of my favorite authors, D.J. MacHale, this series offers a feel of fantasy mingled with science fiction. I love it! This book, in particular, is Book One of the Travelers. MacHale has written 9 books of the main series and this book starts a trilogy of background information on the characters. I urge those of you out there who love a good long thriller story (it is a little long) to read. Book one is "The Merchant of Death", found on Book 10 comes out in May, so catch up!! This book, "Book One of the Travelers" comes out tomorrow. I hope to get it on Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Root Beer Update

So... Monday night. I had a somewhat motivating conversation with my father. I decided that night that I would push my butt to get this song done. I promised to work on it nonstop until it was finished. Yesterday... here's where my time was: 3:32.. I dropped it to 3:15. I was 11 seconds away!! But... what about today? I have three different times. I have to remain consistent, so this is still gonna be hard... but...


Boo-yah!!! Wish me luck in maintaining that awesomeness for when I play it for Raquel! The time to beat was 3:04 remember! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Review


-Good for kids
-Very clean Adam Sandler movie

Movie Review


-Two of my favorite actors/actress
-Naughty (ugh... gross)

Movie Review

Looks like I need to do a follow up...
-A very good, heart-wrenching, moving story.
-Loved it
-A good movie to prove that my adult family members do have tear ducts

Sholarship Fun

If you couldn't guess, I am a senior in high school at Lone Peak. So, being a senior, I have a lot to plan for. Many of you know that I have been planning for well over a year now, and the plans have changed. I've been shopping for scholarships lately and will be for the next year, and I found some interesting ones.
There's one for maintaining a blog online.
There's one for being left-handed (go southpaw!!)
There's one for being 6' 2" or taller (I'm just mad at this one, 'cause I don't qualify... yet...)

There's all sorts of funny stuff out there. So just letting you know my progress so far on my journey to higher education, and asking for all the support, love, and wonder you can give to help me along my way. Love you all!!

Root Beer Update



I know, I know, it's the same as before. BUT. But. Just wait a sec. I have made a huge jump in my progress so far. Can you guess? Of course!! I now have all 8 pages completely memorized. It's a lot easier to start getting my time faster now. Boo-yah!! Now, I just have to break the 3:30 mark, and I'll be on my way to freedom and fame!! Ok, maybe not fame. But who doesn't always wish they had a little fame?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Root Beer Time!

Ok, ok. If you've heard, I have a deal with my Aunt Raquel. I figured that enough people know; it's about time I start updating. Here's the deal. I have--excuse me--"get" to play Root Beer Rag by Billy Joel. What? What's the deal? Well, Jon Schmidt can play this song in 2:32, while the famous Billy Joel played it in 3:04. The goal? I ha-get to play this song in at least 3:04 and I get to go on a trip to New York City with my Aunt Raquel, if successful. At first the music scared me. Above is the first page. Took me a while to get good enough to even look at that page. But after some time it became a lot easier than it looks. Now, the hard part is getting it under 3 minutes. My first recorded time was 7 minutes (yikes!). Then I shaved 2 minutes off. Now, my most recent recorded time is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I am literally 26 seconds away from going to New York. But man, I'm having to relearn the entire song to get it any lower! It's so stinkin' hard!!! Updates periodically. Just.... don't laugh too hard if I don't manage it... it's hard, ok?!!!

Schedule Change!!

School schedules are great aren't they? I just went through some changes, and, well, I thought I'd share.
Here is what I was taking 1st semester:
A1: AP Statistics B1: Seminary
A2: Government/Citizenship B2: AP World History
A3: Anatomy/Physiology B3: Chemistry
A4: Ancient Mythology B4: Chinese

Here's my new schedule: 
A1: AP Statistics B1: Financial Literacy
A2: Creative Writing B2: Seminary
A3: Anatomy/Physiology B3: Chemistry
A4: Release Time (Free period)B4: Release Time (Free period)

Just in case you were wondering, release time for me means I get to go home around noon every day. Sigh... It's AWESOME!!! Of course there's work, searching for scholarships, and everything else your mom makes you do when you have too much time on your hands.
I was really sad to see AP World History and Chinese go, but I had to for the extra time. I need to save my money for college, you see. Although those classes are gone, I am happy to see Creative Writing come on the scene. Nothing like every writing assignment you get and totally get full credit!! It's just plain amazing to be able to write whatever the heck I want, HOWever the heck I want and get full credit. I hate English class...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Touch it iSoftly

Ahhhh... the smooth feel of pure heat-sensored scratchproof glass. I now hold 16 GB of pure magic in my hand every day. Thank you Mike and Nise for making this magic possible. Obviously my favorite thing currently and sure to continue to make me proud. I named this pure device with an awesome inscription. "iKev, Love it". Not only does this prove my Touch's unbelievable capability to love me, but also my undying love for the curvy, black figure and sparkling, sensitive personality that represent the inescapable beauty of my little friend. Thanks to you all, for making this possible. Would you like your own? Go to'"and you can find your true match today! Say YES!!!