Monday, June 13, 2011

Taiwanese Big Sister

Well, I don't know how exactly to reply to the last email. So I'll start with this weekend.
Sister Chen came to meet with us on Friday. She had originally planned for later that afternoon, but her friend Sister Lin (former investigator, hates Joseph Smith) called me and asked if we could cancel Sister Chen's lesson. I said, "of course! You two are friends, you should go out together." Sister Lin thanked me, and then we met with Sister Chen just earlier than planned. It turns out that she had to take her Mom home and couldn't go with Sister Lin anyway. So Sister Lin got super mad at me. She's also telling Sister Chen to read the Bible more.
Well, Sister Chen is reading the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, and did not have a good day on Friday because Sister Lin is mad that Sister Chen thinks the church is more important than Sister Lin. What am I supposed to say to that? Well, Sister Chen likes this church better than any church sister lin would want to pull her to, so that's why she keeps coming. Plus this church has changed her, and she believes in God now.
Sister Chen was baptized on Saturday night. She's scared to death of water and almost fainted when she got in (that might've been easier if she had fainted... lol). A beautiful baptism with an amazing testimony. 6 weeks of working with her, of her overcoming all sorts of trials, and then my companion Elder Farr telling me that when he saw Sister Chen leaving the church after her baptism he had a specific feeling telling him that if it wasn't for me, Sister Chen wouldn't have got baptized.
She had work 100% off on Sunday, and came early to church. She received the Holy Ghost and is a different person.
Sister Wang. We took her out to lunch on Saturday with the singles, and had a blast. Got some winter melon tea, and then saw her at her baptism. She was wonderful. I called her one day 4 weeks ago and she came to church the next day. We sat down with her TWICE, and taught her everything. She took it all. Learned it all. Remembered it all. Prayed about it all. Came to church for the next 3 weeks, and is now a member of God's Kingdom.
In her testimony at her baptism with Sister Chen, she mentioned how fast it went, and how it felt, when she came up out of the water, that she had just jumped into the Kingdom of God. She's super hyper like that, and that testimony totally fits her. Both of these young women are working to bring family members to church, we've met most of them, and both of them are already preparing to go on missions. Sister Chen might go on a short-term mission in two weeks. She just got baptized!!!
We went out to an island off of Gaoxiong today, so no time in the morning to write email.
That was fun. With all the singles. I'm having a blast in this ward.
When I got into Gangshan, that was the first time Sister Chen met with missionaries. I've been in Gangshan for six weeks now. She's baptized, and confirmed. I really was meant to meet with her. I don't know why. But she calls me her little brother now. And she's planning to come visit us in Utah next summer/winter, right before she goes out on a mission. Her english isn't perfect, but she understands a lot, so I'd have to translate, but she wants to play in the snow and the cold, so she'll probably be coming. :D Plus I have to be able to come back to Taiwan next June or so so I can attend the temple with Sister Chen. I might say that about everyone that I help get baptized from here on out, lol, but still. This is my proudest baptismal service, these two sisters.

Love you all…
Elder Carter

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