Monday, May 23, 2011

Should be Spring

Well, here I am again in the middle of what should be Spring. Well, it's not. It's summer. It's hot, humid, and has been raining more and more lately. Blah. That's alright, I got to go see the monkeys on monkey mountain this morning. That was fun. Something Shelby would absolutely love. They're just walkin' around and don't mind the people. They walk next to you on the trail, when you sit they come and sit next to you, when you try to preach the Gospel to them, they shake branches in your face or eat the tracts... and be careful not to take any extra food or drink that the monkeys could take from you. They'll fight you for it, and they'll win ;P.
Not much to say. But let me report what happened this Sunday.
14 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!!!! YES!!!! Was I NOT just complaining about how in the world are we supposed to get people to church? And now look... we must be doing something right. And it's because of member involvement. I don't think the members of this church understand the effect they have on people not of this church. You bear the simplest testimony and it can be better than the testimony of a missionary, just because you're not a missionary. THEY NEED YOU.
12 RECENT CONVERTS AT CHURCH!!! 12!!!! That's just shy of 75%. This ward is AMAZING. Again, it's because of member involvement. All we do is take a 30-minute time period out of our night to call peike's and all is well.
We have a few sisters right now who are progressing beautifully. A couple brethren who are trying. Sisters seriously get the Gospel a whole lot quicker. And a lot deeper, too. Sisters seem to convert on a very real level.

Elder Carter goes on to share that he is feeling somewhat discouraged. He’s putting too much pressure on himself and has seen some of his recent converts struggle with picking up some old habits.
As a family we really think he needs to RELAX…to remember how to laugh and not take himself so seriously. Does anyone have any tips? Funny stories? Maybe silly pictures? We can’t send him links to websites because he doesn’t have access to anything but his email. How sad is it that we are drawing a blank?
Much love to all of you!

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