Thursday, January 8, 2009

Touch it iSoftly

Ahhhh... the smooth feel of pure heat-sensored scratchproof glass. I now hold 16 GB of pure magic in my hand every day. Thank you Mike and Nise for making this magic possible. Obviously my favorite thing currently and sure to continue to make me proud. I named this pure device with an awesome inscription. "iKev, Love it". Not only does this prove my Touch's unbelievable capability to love me, but also my undying love for the curvy, black figure and sparkling, sensitive personality that represent the inescapable beauty of my little friend. Thanks to you all, for making this possible. Would you like your own? Go to'"and you can find your true match today! Say YES!!!


Okie said...

lol...very nice. and congratulations. They are definitely a lot of fun.

Mike said...

I love feeding someone's technology addiction.