Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Root Beer Update

So... Monday night. I had a somewhat motivating conversation with my father. I decided that night that I would push my butt to get this song done. I promised to work on it nonstop until it was finished. Yesterday... here's where my time was: 3:32.. I dropped it to 3:15. I was 11 seconds away!! But... what about today? I have three different times. I have to remain consistent, so this is still gonna be hard... but...


Boo-yah!!! Wish me luck in maintaining that awesomeness for when I play it for Raquel! The time to beat was 3:04 remember! :)


Okie said...

Wow...very nice.

Be sure to record (and post) a video of it sometime.

Mike said...


Kevin said...

So, that advice I gave you to 'drop' every fourth note is really paying off!