Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Time Is NOW

Forgive me for not including pictures everytime I post like I used to. I'm still getting 're-acclimated' to my surroundings and this weird electronic thing called a 'computer'. Anyway...
The last two weeks have been crazy. From running my first 5K, to meeting with psychologists, to skyping with my recent converts and friends from Taiwan... ;) Well, it makes for some interesting experiences all happening in two weeks. Nothing crazy, but it's been fun.
Meeting with Doctor King is relieving. It helps put a name on the problem, which helps me accept what it is, and be able to move on and progress. Knowledge is power.
My first 5K!!! I just transferred from super humid weather to super dry weather. Running is hard as I get used to it. So jumping into a 5K right when I get back, especially the Freedom Festival in Provo's 5K was more than I wanted to do. My Dad and sister walked the mile fun run while my Mom and I ran the 5K. My Mom almost made her goal of 40 minutes (40:35), and I made my goal of 25 minutes (23:42). I was 195th place in the whole race. That made me feel REALLY good. It was even harder than I expected, and I still made my goal. The weather was even more humid on the morning of the 4th. So good!
Been on three skype dates with my friends and 'family' from Taiwan. Absolutely WONDERFUL time to spend, and a beautiful thing. I am extremely happy with the technology that we have today that allows me to speak 'face to face' with people on the other side of the planet and that allows me to write and read chinese right here on my computer. 我真的很開心我可以打中文字!我也希望你們都可以至少開始學習這個語言。真的是一件好事情。我非常的愛你們每個人!!

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