Monday, April 12, 2010

The First Vision

Well, Ni Hao!!!
 It's back to the keyboard once again! I loved it this week! Lots of hard, hard work, and a great break with General Conference. Never thought General Conference would be a "break" persay. Anywho, I know you've been conversing with Sister Brownell's Mom, she sent Sister Brownell a letter telling her about it, and Sister Brownell (Bei Jie Mei) showed me :P, I was a little worried.... jk!!!
It's all good, as long as you are good about it :P jk, kai wan xiao!
This week I memorized the first vision in Chinese and it was tough! Only half of our class got it, and the other half are supposed to have it by tonight or tomorrow night. The english translation is unbelievably complex and does NOT make sense. So, if you find me, with Chinese grammar, writing and typing English, then you'll know why :P here's a sampling of Chinese Grammar and how it would sound using English as a base:
I saw to the point of clarity one lighted pillar directly at my head on top, compared sun type light still bright gradually to descend down come until to rest at my body on top. Light stopped at my body on top at that time I saw to the point of clarity a pair beings stand at my on top direction type openness middle whose brightness and glory without a method to describe among which one being towards me spoke words called my name point other being said: This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him Speak.
Interesting, huh? Now try speaking all of that in Chinese with tonal exchanges between words. It's hard to come up with that kind of speech on the spot, but I gotta do it sometime, so houtian (yesterday) is the best time to start. I have never, in my entire life, been more organized than I am right now. Crazy!!! I love it. My scriptures have become entirely colorful, and so has my Preach My Gospel.
We taught another "investigator" on Friday (Friday, not Saturday because of Conference), and for the first time, we committed her to baptism!! The Spirit was so strong in that room, there was no way we weren't going to. No one else got to that point, and a lot of the results of practice teaching depend on who the investigator is. Some people don't act the way they were told to act, so it messes up the game plan, but I think that's good practice anyway, so bring it on!
I've never been more impressed, prompted, or immersed with and in the Spirit. I guess that goes without saying, but I'm tellin' ya, NO ONE has ever given it justice. It is unbelievably powerful, and IT IS THERE!!! :D So true! I saw through God's eyes today when I went through the temple this morning, and as my eyes wandered over the faces of those around me, and as I strive to understand God's love for me and as I strive to receive and claim the gift of Charity, I saw those people as God sees them. They are His children, EVERY SINGLE ONE. And He loves them infinitely, and it is incomprehendible and outside of our ability to think and imagine. Mom, Dad, Shelby... my family, Mike, Nise, CJ, Katie... Nana, Grandpa Lee, Tersta, Sherman, Austin, Jared... Just know that He loves you, and knows you, individually. It's true! And you know it's true! Don't you ever doubt that.
I miss Bailey now. I love you all, and Bailey? Stop running away! I'll come home someday, I promise! You're freakin' the parents out runnin' that far... ;) Love you! I promise Mom, if you tell her that, she'll know where it's coming from. That goes for you, too Shelb. And everyone that is supporting me out here. Thanks so much! I love all of you, and so does your Heavenly Father. I promise. Don't doubt me. It's true.
Zhen Shi de. Zhen shi de, zhen shi de, zhen shi de. Wo ai nimen!!!
-till next time...
-Elder Carter

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