Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swim, Much?

Hot tubbing in the Newspaper. Oh yeah, baby.
John, my roommate, shoved me down. I got him back.
Shoving the newspaper out of the room it was stuffed in (it was a prank from before) into the hallway, so Christian (the guy in the back left) could sleep without it stinking like newspaper in his room.
We had WAY too much fun with this newspaper.
And there i am. Peakin' my face out of the mass of phonebook pages. Aww... so cute! Gotta love College life. When your head is overloaded from studying American history, and you've been cramming and you have an hour before you go take the test, you just have to get away and swim in some current events. Best study break ever.

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Mike said...

Dry campus my arse.