Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude: The Essence of Celebration

Why can't we ever just be grateful? Take the time to list out what you're thankful for, before you start
buying things and celebrating Christmas. Being grateful IS celebrating. Celebrating what you have.
Please, let lists of your personal "celebrations" be seen on this page. As mine is. Show the world
what YOU really celebrate.
Love, family, friends, a God who is always on my side and answers every prayer, my brave sister
who sets an example for me and all those around her, parents who know what it's like to be me,
and that aren't perfect (that's right, you heard me, I'm grateful for imperfect parents), my life, my body,
my roommate and my floormates (no matter how annoying and "so freshman" they might be), my
home, the Savior and His Atonement, my Uncle Mike and his family and their examples and advice
for and to me, my Nana for coming back to the church and trying so hard to be a part of it again, for
her asking me to be her ticket back after Christ, a world that underneath all the pain and sorrow and
discrimination is truly trying to make things right, even if they go about it the wrong way, teachers
who know who I am and truly care about me and my success by making it challenging enough
to help me grow while helping me to understand, an environment filled with the Spirit and enough
opposition to remind me where I need to be on a spiritual level (sometimes it feels like too much
opposition)... etc... the list is too long. I am grateful. That's all I really need to say. Thank you.

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