Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Survival

Hey everyone!! Here's what I did last Friday, if any law-enforcement tries to ask you about me...
Here are my faithful leaders. Bro. Seegmiller, Bro. Brady, and the Bishop.
After a great night and crisp morning, we unpacked, and undressed. Utah's weather is bipolar. You notice the fact that this is a winter campout and a mile from our campsite, there is not a flake of snow? Ya.
Mount Timpanogos in the distance... Gotta love the beauty in the mountains. It's gonna be hard to leave 'em... :(
This is where my leader slept. He forgot to keep a layer of snow on the bottom, so it didn't turn into a swimming pool. Oops. Plus it's a cheater snow cave. Using a picnic table? Pfffft!
Here's my snow cave. Nice and warm.

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