Monday, January 3, 2011

Gag! American Food!

This won't be super long. 'Cause I got sick this morning. Pretty sure it was those potatoes. Everytime I think about potatoes or meat, or anything having to do with that food, it makes me want to vomit. And it was SO good!! Ugh... I'm not used to American food, that'll be a hard transition...
Oh, I feel absolutely horrible! The Lin family took us to Costco today to buy Elder Zhu a jacket since he gets cold lately. Apparently I need to start wearing more, too. We were up late talking with Li Baba last night, then a cold, hard ride home. That might have had something to do with the sick.
I loved actually going to costco. It was nice to have a familiar place, even though characters are everywhere, and you just switch white people for a bunch of short Asians and your Taiwanese costco is complete. Much more crowded than ours at home. But much smaller.
Seeing Taizhong from the freeway was humbling. But absolutely beautiful. Still haven't seen the beach.
The call home was actually a relief. It wasn't stressful, and it didn't change any feelings. I didn't get homesick at all, I was just happy to hear the family's voices. Hearing that Lizzie is home is a strange feeling. First, she'll be married off before I get home, Second, Didn't she just leave? Sounds good to hear that she's happy. That's me, too. But she's probably a little better off. She's a sister. They always do better.
Thank you all for the gifts and whatever else is on its way. I'm excited to hear from Nana. Yes, I spent too much money over Christmas and maybe overdrafted, I'm not sure. I've got to fix that. UGH. I'm gonna need 20 or so dollars for this week. I literally have run out of money. What a dork. New Year's Resolution #1 get a working budget that impresses the girls when I get home. Geez...
Please keep praying for Li Baba and the rest of them all (including the Twins). And for me. I'm gonna need it! I think move call #1 is hard as senior... lol. I've got 11 to go. I need those prayers. 11 move calls full of baptisms, accomplishing goals and moving forward with my life. Don't forget resetting goals.
Thanks to all of you for the support, the wonderful time on the phone, and your patience with my crazy mother's mind and father's perfectionism. ;P Still love you! Keep losing weight!

-Elder Carter
"Hurrah for Israel!" (An Elder Byerism)

Thanks for the pictures... Keep working for that Nursing Program Brittany!!! ;) Remember the Lord... "For with God, nothing shall be impossible." (Emphasis added, Luke 1:37) 
Love you!!! ;)

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