Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pardon my horrible English

Well, I have no idea what coloquial means anymore or even how to spell it, and I'm nervous that the big english word has a negative meaning to it... It sounds good next to Local, though, doesn't it? Pardon my horrible English.
I love my new area. The people are funny, solid, and ready to go. It counts as a more country area, with really only one intersection that is worth contacting at. The church is on the 15th floor, and going to the roof to eat dinner is an experience worth serving 2 years in a foreign country for. It is BEAUTIFUL up there. I WILL DEFINITELY be taking millions of pictures. Don't you dare delete a single one. Even if it's blurry. That might have been done on purpose. :) There will be pictures coming. With some funny videos and stuff.
I would LOVE to get more pictures of our family together (funny, content, happy, silly, serious, angry types... etc). I would absolutely LOVE to have pictures of me from on my mission, from the ones I've already sent home. That would be fantastic. Oh, I don't know why I just thought this up, but tell Lizzy (Sister Shattuck is our next door neighbor and will be coming home from her mission this month!) to write a letter saying hi when she gets home, and I can ask her questions about differences in England, and how sisters serving is different from Elders (there is a HUGE difference. Not much different from the same situation that exists at home. Girls are usually more behaved (unless you're Taylor Hart, of course... jk).
Anyway, pictures. Pictures from before my mission would be nice, pictures while on my mission would be nice, more pictures of family would be nice, more recent pictures of family would be nice (like thanksgiving or Christmas), and a small book like the one I have would be great. Also, I need Christmas music! Thanksgiving has past (yes, Dad, I still won't sing or listen to Christmas music til midnight on Thanksgiving, and I made sure I did it according to American time.) :D and it's time to start blasting Christmas music for all to hear.
Our apartment building is full of members. It makes coming home, and waking up super fun. Here in Tanzi, you actually run into members on the street. That's new. The baptismal font is a blue tub. I'll send pictures soon.
I need more bubble-wrap envelopes!!!! :D Please?!!!! Or you all won't get pictures for a while.... and that'll be disappointing.
We have an investigator that will be baptized on the 11th of December. I've never been closer to an investigator, and I've only known him a week. He opens up to me, and he's supposed to be the most closed off, shy Taiwanese 17-year-old in eastern Asia. Yeah, ok.
Daniel (Cai Yan Zhang). A very good man. It feels SO good to have an investigator ask a lot of questions who's not asking questions to catch you in false words. Like Zeezrom. Talking to Zeezrom-like people is the everyday thing. But when they turn into Lamoni-type people, where their questions are asked because they are seriously looking for truth... life gets happy in a millisecond. I love Daniel. He couldn't come to Church yesterday, because he was going hiking, and he had a date with what he called a "special friend". I asked him about it Sunday night, and he said she was "hai hao". Which just means-alright. Lol.
Elder Zhu's girl stories are hilarious. And there are SO many. I wonder if that's what I sounded like to my senior companions. If so, I kinda want to apologize... lol. Nah, it's fun. Plus I have plenty to share, as well. Lol.
Well, we all knew I had a feeling before this move call that something was gonna change. Or I wouldn't have asked Dad in written letter how to be a Senior companion only to receive his reply 4 days into this move call right when I was starting to freak and not know what to do.
Now, I'm ok. I know what I'm doing, and how I want to do it. It's fun sharing ideas and doing things your junior companion's way. Because when things work out, man, is it beautiful to see the light that shows on his face. He literally ran over a 75-year-old woman the other day (I'm just glad I didn't do it. Usually it's me that has problems like that). He literally ran over her, and she biffed it hard. I have a new testimony of how tough Taiwanese grandmas are. She's one tough braud (spelling?). She took us over to her house while she was bleeding everywhere from her upper lip, limping after smacking her "had surgery before type knee" (wow, my english is gone. I literally don't know how to say that better.) on the street. We entered and agreed to pay her deductible. (like three bucks american, because of this medical system. One nice thing. I heard America's medical system finally changed. Did President Obama get his way? ... I can't talk about this...)
The next morning we brought her a pineapple (pineapples work miracles, I'm telling you.) and she agreed to meet with sister missionaries. I don't know the results, but they met with her last night, and I'm afraid to call the sisters to find out. But, Elder Zhu's face lit up when he heard she was going to meet with the sisters. He really respects the older people. Very much a part of this culture. And he felt absolutely HORRIBLE. So when he heard that this experience had Gospel-related results, he was so happy. Made me feel SO happy. Isn't that what love is? When you're willing to do things you may not usually do for the happiness of others? Isn't that what Jesus did? Is that true love? I'm literally asking this question- is it?
Taiwan is great. Every area has it's ups and downs, but the Spirit is everywhere. Along with God, and Jesus Christ. Faith. That's my focus this move call. Faith. With faith, ANYTHING is possible. So how do you convince your investigators to use their faith? Now, isn't that the question... By the Spirit, of course, but how? Trusting the Spirit is part of it. But there's more.
It will not be expensive to alter my suit. Less than 20 bucks American. I'll do it next week. Pants also need altering. I'm gonna clean my ties here, too. Since a drycleaner is close and dependable.
Food is not eaten as much here on my part. Portions are smaller. Plus, in a country type area, there isn't "Eat to arrive at Full" restaurants (buffets) anywhere near. And, I want to write letters. Eating time on Mondays isn't as long as before. But I will make it to a buffet every move call if possible. Absolutely delicious. And all the food is all mine.
Christmas activity this month, too. :D Can't wait! Make sure you all have a good phone that I can call that will ensure quality conversation.
Shoes. Size 11.5-12 running shoes. I like Asics, but those are super expensive. I can probably get cheaper here. And I'll just tell you when I need them. Cause I don't need them right now. Don't worry about shirts unless I specifically ask for them from home. Quality shirts here are unbelievably cheap. No worries. :D Once I figure out what I'm gonna be sending home, I'll tell you about how much it might be, and if I could get help with that, that would be nice. Sending home other than by boat is a lot more expensive, so I'll let you know. :D
The Church is true. God is here. "Thou shalt not fear, for I AM near"... (paraphrased, and set up to rhyme). They love us. They have their time. They have their reasons. Love them with all your heart, and you will begin to see Their hands in literally EVERY part of your life. Don't doubt. Love. Don't turn away. Keep focused. Love with all you have, every fiber of your being, every string of your heart. And then we can start to comprehend their love for us... but it's only a start. So keep working at it.
Love you all!!! The work is Golden! 

-Elder Carter

"Hurrah for Israel!!!" (An Elder Byerism)

ps- Being Senior seems to be no different than being Junior. I'm just a missionary. With more responsibility. :) Love you all. (YLTIY)

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