Monday, November 8, 2010

Pink Dragon Tie

No time.
Just thought I'd tell you. Today. It's 5:11. No time.
Sorry it took so long to get an email out to you this week. I forgot to tell you last week, so I hope you all aren't freaking out or something like that. Lol. (Elder Carter got to go to the temple this week. When that happens, his PDay changes to Wednesday, so we get his email a couple days later than usual.)
And I'm super sorry in advance this email is short. But you get another one on Sunday night (your time) so that's not so far away!!!
Just wanted to tell you all I'm still alive!!! I have a pink dragon tie (not joking, I'll send pictures), maybe I'll hunt another one down for Shelbs or somethin'. The ties I get here, I really don't want to wear except for temple day, Zone conference and when I get home. So when I end up with 3 not falling apart ties from Missionary Mall, I'll let you know I need some more of my old ties sent over. :D
Of course, the temple is amazing!!! I love it!!! Absolutely love it!!!
This week is Power week. Just our companionship decided to do it. We're hunting down everyone who has been to church once before and fighting to get them baptized before November runs out. Bai Qing Feng is doing great, and his smoking is down a few a day. It's getting better.... come on!!!
Met another guy at a 7/11. He was just smiling at me and doing nothing, so I contacted him. He's been to jail before, and was willing to drive with us super far to the church the very next morning to meet. We usually don't meet at the church because it's too far away. He's great.
Lai Rong Fu is another brilliant investigator. We just ran into a miracle and saw him on our race home from the Mission home (on bikes this time-- too far). He's comin' along. Slowly.
Power week. We wake up at 6, excersize to 6:30, start personal study at 7, start companionship study at 8, leave at 9 (an hour and a half earlier than normal) Total proselyting time is 12 hours a day. From the normal 9 to 10 before. We eat a half hour lunch and half hour dinner, then get home at nine so we can have a good planning session, and my companion the District Leader can do follow-ups and numbers. This is just for a week.
Numbers: We teach, on average, 80 street-side lessons a day. At least 30 actual sit-down 20 minute lessons per week. October had 100 baptisms in the mission. We have 4 to 7 investigators to church every Sunday. We contact those 80 people which includes: about 10 baptismal commitments, 20 referrals, one or two member referrals, and us contacting other referrals and street-side contacts. The rest are all people who reject the message. Out of those 20 referrals will come 5 to 8 baptismal commitments. And out of all 18 baptismal commitments maybe 2 or 3 will get baptized within the next 3 months. But isn't that worth all the effort? Even if you have no idea what's going on, or what is happening to the seeds your planting? God takes care of the rest. If He gives it to our care, we take care of it. Water the seed, dirt it up, sun it up, pray for it, smile at it, give it love, let the little kids stare at it and take pictures at any sign of progress, then let the kids run and tell their teachers at school. Then we flood it with the waters of life, dry it up and nearly burn it alive with the fire of life, and then give it it's own power to keep growing with includes: Members, new convert lessons, PRIESTHOOD, CALLING, and the usuall CPR. Church, Prayer, Reading. Boo-yah.
I love everything! Yahoo!! I have a new sense of satisfaction lately. I've gotten down a few times, and continue to grow out of them. But I realize that bottling up the feelings does nothing for them. Telling God is one part. The most important. But telling your companion is another. The telling your companion is essential. Without telling God, nothing happens, but telling your companion helps you continue to grow on those feelings and grow closer as a companionship. I've now had two Taiwanese 25-year-old men tell me they love me, I'm the best companion they've had, and tell me I'm a great missionary. I tell them, go home, and get married. Lol, jk.
Elder Pei, and Elder Huang both leave in February. I'm expected to be with Elder Huang next move call, and I'm ok with that. If that's the case he's 100% certain I'll go senior after I'm with him. Whatever, I don't mind. I might even forget to tell you all if I go senior.
Not much to report. Letters will be coming next week, hopefully. Sent out tomorrow, so maybe by the monday after this coming monday. Hope it's not that long. Blech.
I love you all. Thanks for the letters. I got a boatload on Friday the 29th. It was great!! The big 20 was on the wall for a couple days then got ripped off.... sorry... Maybe I just don't like being reminded that I'm OLD!!!!!! Blech.
I will do my best to answer questions and stop preaching so much to make everyone happy. I will address more of Taiwan's culture, happenings, and everyday street-life instead of so much Spiritual stuff. But don't think you're gettin' out of the Spirit stuff. :D Considering I can't control it... lol

I love you all!!!!!

-Elder Carter

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