Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Wreck? Really?

Hi All! So, last week, Elder Carter hinted he might enjoy some more letters from all of us back home. So, here's some reminders about how to get in touch with him.
First, you can type up an email and send it to us. We will print it out and send it to him in our weekly letters. This is how we are getting all the missionary letters out to him.
Second, you can send him a letter snail mail. It costs $.98 and gets to him in about 10 days. If you want to send him a small package, the best option is Global Priority. The small envelope and small box cost about $13 and take about 10 days to get there. We've heard you can send first class for less, but we've also heard that only the priority mail can get forwarded to him in Taiwan...all the others have to wait for him to pick them up the next time he is at the mission home. Here is his address:

Elder Kevin Carter
Taiwan Taichung Mission
498-11 Wu Chuan Rd
Taichung, 404-46 Taiwan

Third, you can use the same address above to send him a letter through You can type up the letter and then you just pay the price of postage. They will send it out for you. Just a little plug from mom...these Elders LOVE mail from home, so feel free to send just about any little note about anything and he will love it!

On to our favorite Taiwan Elder...
Don't freak out. I got clipped by a motor scooter the other night, and he skidded into a ditch. He's fine, I'm fine, my bike's fine, he was going too fast, and I didn't look perfectly well when turning left. He came from behind. His bike was damaged pretty bad, and I probably could have fought it a little harder, but I ended up having to pay for the damages. I was on exchanges with Elder Cocke in my district when I got clipped. I didn't want to get in a fight, or anything, and he wasn't very happy. But he was going fast, probably a little drunk, headed to a party, and just off work. I don't know. I think I handled it pretty well, but if I had it to do over again, I would have fought it a little. But I am happy, because everyone came out of it with good feelings and the bike shop was impressed with the fact that we didn't fight the bill to the point of fighting, which is, apparently, what happens most of the time. And everyone was impressed that we didn't run. That seems to be the norm in Taiwan. So everyone came out with better feelings towards the church (I hope), so, in all, it was a success.
BAPTISM BAPTISM BAPTISM BAPTISM BAPTISM BAPTISM BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, you asked me what the most beautiful thing I've seen in Taiwan is? The beauty of our investigators after receiving the Holy Ghost. They glow. And it is a beautiful reward of hard work, a lifetime of change (for them), a lifetime of preparation for this mission, a move call of stress, prayer, frustration, repentance, practice, training, contacting, tracting, teaching, biking, running, sweating, studying, serving, with a couple move calls before of similar experiences. It makes it all worth it to see people enter the waters of baptism (in whatever unpracticed, slam down in the water, not bending knees, multiple retries way it takes). A recent convert of the Wufeng area had just received the priesthood right before the baptism yesterday, so he had never done it before. He went straight into the water to baptize our two investigators. Lin Huang Cheng got his mom's (hardcore Buddhist, Grandma is TOTALLY against it, but Mom let him do it- Miracle) permission, and got baptized and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. Joie also. Something cool? I found him. Or- the Spirit led me to him.... but I contacted him. And he got baptized. YEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Makes me feel SSOOOOOSOOOOOO good!!! And Li Jin Xing passed both of his interviews. He had to do a second with President Bishop, and passed! He's getting baptized after conference next week. Yes we don't have conference til next week. :D
All in all, yesterday was a miracle day. It was amazing. And the Yang family--who were baptized last move call, who had shaky testimonies, too many questions, had marriage problems, still got baptized-- have solidified their marriage are working toward the temple, and their family is so much closer. Mom and Dad Yang's love shows more and more everyday, and they work together to overcome problems. Dad is home a lot more now, because he feels like he needs to spend more time with his family if he's gonna have an eternal one, and he expressed the desires of his heart last night at Dinner. They fed us last night, and Brother Yang looked at us, started tearing up, and said that he wishes his kids can have their own eternal families in the future. And he can't wait to be sealed to his wife. He also desires that his kids can serve missions. And his other daughter who can't move, talk, or is really comprehensible in any way... well, he expressed his love for her and how he can't wait to see her resurrected.
The things this Gospel does for people. It LITERALLY changes hearts, and lives. Sometimes, we're blind to it, because we're used to these stories, and/or we've grown up in the Gospel.
I don't know how to explain it Mom, but we spent almost no time outside yesterday, and I saw the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen in Taiwan. All inside. There was water involved though... :P
I wouldn't mind getting photo albums like the one I got on my first day every now and then. Don't fill it all the way with pictures, but I wouldn't mind getting more pictures, including the one with Bishop Lin and Brother Yu.
Birthdays/Christmas. I don't like talking about my birthday. But if you want to send stuff, cool. But it should be unique to who you are, and you are sending it to me. If you want to buy stuff, it's probably smarter to send money and tell me what it's for, since everything but Apple iPhones and computers are cheaper here. And not just cheaper, a LOT cheaper. That's a good idea for the end of my mission, too, if you want me to get stuff for you, I can go buy it for cheap here and bring it home. Although, I'm not sure how expensive customs fees will be. Lol. But the point is made, and I'd just as soon forget I had a birthday coming up, so it's up to you! Or as the Chinese say, "Kan ni", or "see you". I bet you thought I was gonna throw a Chinese proverb or idiom down there, but I'm not THAT good yet... lol.
 I love you all, I hope I answered all your questions!!! "I'm in Asia" was just me exclaiming that I'm amazed everyday about where I am. :D Silly overthinking parents.... don't you know overthinking is bad for you?
 -Elder Carter

 ps- Joie. He met missionaries 10 years ago, and was Brother Hodges former investigator. My MTC teacher's twin brother's former investigator. We just baptized him. The world is a small place, especially in the church... How cool is that!!! A big hello to the Hodges!!! And Sister Li, if she's reading this... :P
Next email will be some thoughts from conference, a new move call, starting a new goal to add thoughts from my personal study, and so on. Expect big things!!! Next move call is my FOURTH!!! Ahhh! I've been on island for 4 months, and on my mission for almost 7. Time flies WAY too fast. And I hate the idea that I've lived for almost two decades now... Blech. Bye bye teens...... sniff.

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