Monday, July 26, 2010

The Pei Way


Lots of changes, kind of. Interesting things happen when move calls come. But let me start somewhere else...
The week was an ok week. Not a lot of success, but not a lot of failure either. Just a normal week. No baptisms, but I came to find out that baptizing three is a good move call number. I don't really care about numbers (or I'm not supposed to, I'm working on that... :P) but Elder Krantz told me that it was one of his better move calls. Elder Krantz is amazing. He went Senior and District Leader last move call, and then Trainer with me, and now he is a Zone Leader in Gaoxiong East. He left this morning. We went to the mission office and there I waited for my new companion.
Elder Pei is fantastic!! He is a native from Taipei, and I'm scared to death.
WHAT? What are they doing giving me a local for a companion? I'm on Move Call #2! I can't speak Chinese that well! Ugh. It hasn't been bad so far, but I've been worried. He is supposed to be a great worker and a funny guy. A lot of Elders tell me that he really is probably the best local companion you could have. They all love him, so I'm sure I will too, if I can speak to him. The Gift of Tongues is 100% needed right now. EVERYTHING is now going to be in Chinese. This is one of those times when you say, "Careful what you wish for..." When in the MTC I said I wanted to be immersed in the language, and not speak one word of English. Well, here I am. Companionship study, singing, praying, district training meetings, at night, in the morning... all in Chinese. My teachers said it was uncertain of even getting a local for a companion, and if you did it wouldn't be until later in your mission. I've only been here for 7 weeks! Geez...
But, there's temptation to just give up and go on with the work without pushing forward with my Chinese, but I won't do it. I have the best opportunity now, and I am going to use it! I'm scared to death, but it makes me think about Dad's mission, and makes me wonder if he ever had a native for a companion. I don't remember any stories, and if Dad did have one, or two, I would love to hear how he went about being their companion.
Oh boy.
My planner is now in 100% characters, and I barely see any English anymore, except for right now. :D 'Cause I'm typing in English. But only because my family can't understand Chinese. I'm dark enough now to be darker than most Taiwanese people, so you'd think I had Chinese background as well. ;)
Anyway, last week was fun. And a little awkward. We helped Luo Jun Xiong and Chen Wei Han get the priesthood yesterday, and they're just great! They were both sad to see Elder Krantz move though... Me, too. I only had him for one move call. :( Saturday we had an interesting activity that we attended with one of our investigators and our recent converts. It was at our church. A Ma Jie Mei (Sister Ma) is going to America this Thursday to get married to a returned missionary from Taizhong. He's been back for almost a year now, and she wants to go. A little sketchy of a situation, and totally awkward. President Hoer was his Mission President, and President Hoer says that we should not marry anyone we meet on our mission. President Hoer says "marry the girl next door". Anyway, funny situation.
Farmer Zhang. Crazy man, but SOOO funny. I love him! He loves coming to church! He believes every word we say, until we talk about not drinking beer or tea, and he gets this smirk on his face, freaks out, and says he can't believe in this church if they don't drink beer or tea, 'cause they're "drinks from God", and they "open human power mind strength". And in his prayers he always prays for me to meet a girl when I get home and get married quick. That's one prayer I will pray won't get answered. He says "please bless Kong Zhanglao to meet a 'ka ka de nusheng' and marry fast" Don't ask what he means, cause I still don't know. Even my recent converts don't know. :P
Gotta love Taiwan people.
So good to hear your having curry! I just had it on Saturday. And the day before that, and before that, and before that, and before that, and before that, along with 13 Costco muffins in the last week (yes I gained 5 pounds), and more curry everyday. It's not the same, and Dad's and Mom's is MUCH better. I'm not just saying that. It's not super good here, unless a native Japanese person makes it, or it's not the "fast food" type. And I don't want to get sick of it, so I actually try not to eat it that much. I fail a lot, but I'm still trying.
It's good to hear Eric's emails, and understand EXACTLY how he's feeling. And comparing his experience to mine, and to what Haitian-Creole Elders do different than the Mandarin Elders...Anyway. He sounds SO much better though. Our rules seemed a lot stricter though... hmph. Whatev. ;)
And Kendall! I just barely got his letter, Mexico City! Wow. He hates Spanish. But at least he has a background. So happy for him! Super hot there, hope he does all right. He might be in the MTC for 12 weeks instead of 9, 'cause their visas take forever to Mexico missions.
Well, not much else, except that I have a big week ahead of me, trying to figure out how to be with Elder Pei and work out teaching and working as a companionship. We set our baptismal goal tomorrow, and hope to rock out my second move call!! He is on is 13th, so He might be here for the rest of his mission. Not certain, but likely. I won't. I might be here for one or two more, but it's still uncertain. We'll see. Still fine being junior comp the rest of my mission :P
Love you all!! Trying to write letters again today... we'll see how that goes. :D

-Elder Carter
-Keep it real, keep it strong, live right, and you'll live long!!!

ps- Police just came in to the internet cafe to find a junior high school student who is sluffing class... it's a big deal here. Everyone has to go to school. It's the law. I think it's kinda funny, but it's a good thing :P