Monday, December 14, 2009

The End Is Nigh: Part 1: Finals Week 2009

Yup, that's right. It's finals week here at the Y. I have 8 finals. I took one in October, one last Wednesday, and have 6 left. Tennis, Introduction to Health Professions, American Heritage, Judaism and the Gospel, Missionary Preparation, Book of Mormon (Intro to Alma 29), Human Development, and Physiology and Developmental Biology. As I said, I've taken my Tennis and Health finals and I took Judaism today (88%!). So I have 5 left. I'm taking Mission Prep tonight and will hopefully finish out the week on Friday with PDBio. But it would be nice to be done earlier... sigh... The lines are crazy! This pic is just a sampling. The religion testing in the Wilkinson Center has lines that wrap around the entire building's second floor! Luckily I got there later when it was pretty short. I still had to go over to the overflow seating area because the main room was full... It's all good! I have plenty of time to study over the week and I am going to do fantastic on my tests! Wish me luck! Thanks for tuning in to Part 1. Unfortunately, Part II will not be available until 2012. But until then... Hello Taiwan!

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