Saturday, May 2, 2009

Senior Prom 2009: The Time of Your Life

Hey!! These are a bunch of Prom pictures that I and a few others took last night, May 1st. I loved it! It was so much fun!! We went to Texas Roadhouse in Sandy for dinner. We then left for Salt Lake City and had fun finding parking to go walk Temple Square and then take a ride on the Horse-drawn Carriages. Finally, we headed up to the State Capitol building for the dance. Joy Laudie was my date, and she was absolutely stunning, as you'll see a little ways down the page. By the way, these pictures run backwards. All the pictures at Joy's house before we left are down at the bottom. Sorry!
This is Blake Davis and Cambri McDonald, one of the couples in my group.
This is Joy and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple, trying not to fall in to the water behind her.
I had to beg for this picture, but would you just look at her? It turned out perfectly.
This is Eric Seamons and Taylor Day. They are the couple that rode with us in my Dad's Nissan Altima that he so generously lent me for the night. I washed it from top to bottom, inside and out, and not one scratch. Boo-yah.
Joy really likes this fountain, so we took a picture.
Blake and Cambri again. This was at dinner.
Here's the whole group. Six couples, and I still don't remember all their names. From right to left is Joy, (idk), Dustin, Eric, Taylor, (idk), Kendall, (idk), Caleb, and Blake and Cambri off screen. Texas Roadhouse was a really fun place to go; full of people, loud, with good food and just a great atmosphere. We had a blast!!
This is one of the pictures taken at Joy's house. I like this one. Joy has a really good smile.
In this pic, Joy's father and older brother were both trying to get her to pose this way without smiling and ended up taking pictures of each other. It was so hard for Joy not to laugh. It was crazy!
Joy's trying to get away from yet another picture.
This is a classic Joy pose. She does this for every dance, and I think I got the best one. ;)
Here it is again. Man, she is just drop-dead gorgeous, isn't she?!!!
I like this picture as well. We both have good smiles, and Jon (Joy's older brother) had somehow got the dog in the picture. The dog is now known as the "Prom Dog". Hehe, fun times.
Another couple picture with absolutely amazing results.
I don't know why I'm making that face, but this is when I was putting Joy's Corsage on, and I think her mom, dad, or brother had said something that made me make a funny face.

Joy avoids yet another picture while her mom saves the day and pins on my boutonniere.
Joy's relieved to be off duty as her mother takes over. Joy apparently can NOT pin on a Boutonniere. ;P
Teamwork. You go girls! I just patiently smiled and waited.
This is attempt #3 by Joy.
Attempt #2. And one of Joy's relatives had said something that made me grimace. Sorry Joy!!!
I think this is a good picture of Joy in her dress and me standing in awe next to her. We are both holding the other's flowers and are about to put them on.
I guess this is attempt #1 of Joy trying to put on my Boutonniere.

I had so much fun last night!! I'll never forget it, and I hope you all agree with me when I say that Joy Laudie was and is absolutely beautiful. When she walked into the room and I saw her for the first time... oh man. I could hardly breathe. I don't know what I did to deserve such a perfect date for my Senior Prom, let alone one of my best friends. Joy, you're the best!!

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Okie said...

Great pix. Sounds like a fun date. I remember the joys of corsage/boutonniere applications. It always works out eventually, but usually after some laughs.