Monday, December 1, 2008

Global Tantrum

Hehe... that's a good one...

I don't know. I just think things go a little too far. Don't you? I had a Global Warming debate in my second period Government class today and we totally destroyed the competition! My team and I fought against Global Warming. I just thought that I would celebrate my overwhelming victory by showing some pictures of the overwhelming nature of people to exaggerate the truth... what do we call those people who speak one way and act another? Oh yeah. Hypocrites. Or maybe they are just slaves to the government and are being forced to say certain things but don't necessarily have to do what they preach because maybe what they are saying doesn't actually exist or isn't actually the truth and they are just saying these things because the government wants a certain outcome from the people they supposedly govern so they get what they want and end up contradicting those policies anyway, so... oh wait. Duh. Hehe... that's just politicians. What was I thinking?

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Mike said...

Careful now... If they realize the global warming brainwashing isn't working on you they'll call you REALLY BAD NAMES!

Trust me.